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We love our pets and our pets ADORE us. They bring us joy, unconditional love, devotion and richness to our lives. We wish they could remain with us always, but as we all know, they will someday have to cross the rainbow bridge. A way that we can immortalize them is through photography. If you have a beloved four legged furry member of your family, consider capturing this snippet of time with them right now, forever, with lasting professional photographic images. Personally, I treasure the portraits I have of my own current and former pets. It keeps their memory alive and fresh forever. So I encourage you to “paws… to remember” your loving pet also.

Our sessions are short and sweet, and also FUN! They last from 30 minutes up to an hour for up to two pets in our studio. If weather and lighting permits we can even venture into the great outdoors. Did I mention we also have TREATS to keep your pet happy ?

Your investment is $75 for the session. A $25 portion will be donated to the Hennepin County Animal Humane Society or an animal rescue organization of your choice.


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